myFC PowerTrekk 2.0

99 €

1 warm-up Puck is always included when you buy a myFC PowerTrekk 2.0.

The new Powertrekk 2.0 is nearly three times as powerful as its predecessor.

Great enhanced features

  • Tablet compatibility
  • Enhanced electronics and charging logics
  • Shorter charging time (1-2 hours)
  • Higher fuel cell efficiency
  • Larger internal battery capacity (3800 mAh)
  • Compatible with all original device cables

Other great features

    • Instant power, anywhere, anytime.
    • No sun needed - works in complete darkness
    • Just add a myFC Puck and water to activate charging immediately
    • Contains a fuel cell that produces instant electricity (+6 Wh/1400 mAh)
    • Contains a battery that can be charged via the grid, or the fuel cell
    • Works with all USB-compatible devices with 5 V effect
    • Certified to bring on an aircraft
    • myFC PowerTrekk 2.0 is compatible with all original cables


In the box

  • myFC PowerTrekk fuel cell charger (incl. an internal Lithium-Polymer battery)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x myFC warm-up Puck