Recycling of PowerCards

Join us in creating a Green Energy Loop!

 Our vision is a world where hydrocarbon energy sources are replaced by sustainable alternatives. Therefore, we are totally dedicated and relentless, in our efforts to develop accessible consumer applications for green energy.

Our newest product JAQ is a prime example of smooth green energy on-to-go. The charge is complete and the PowerCard has been emptied when the power led turns off on JAQ. Happy to live a life unplugged, you throw away the used power card... Right? No, of course not!

With JAQ we realized we had a shot at creating a loop of green energy.
A used PowerCard goes straight back into a loop constructed by myFC.
The goal is to create an infinite circle of refilling used cards where ultimately there is no need to produce brand new PowerCards as the volumes of returned cards suffice.


Where to Recycle?

In Sweden, we collaborate with Batteriåtervinningen. Return used PowerCards to any of the + 10 000 'Batteriholkar' all over the country. For exact location use their quick search for Sweden  >>


Why the Loop?

We guess you can call this a brand new take on interpreting producer responsibility. Look around you. How many other closed loops (i.e. an item is returned to its manufacturer to be reused) do you see?

Each country and area does this differently. In our pioneer market of Sweden, we are collaborating with the infrastructure for used batteries and the mobile supplier Tre. The choice is yours, return the cards to one or the other. Either way, the card will find its way back to us.