myFC PowerTrekk is a portable charger
– designed for your freedom

myFC PowerTrekk is the perfect solution for people who spend time away from the electrical grid. You can use it both as a portable battery and a fuel cell charger, to make sure that you always have an instant source of energy. One myFC Puck + one tablespoon of water generates 1400 mAh.

Charge your device via the fuel cell

Unlike other portable batteries or solar chargers, the myFC PowerTrekk is like a portable power plant – it actually produces the electricity you need, when you need it. By just adding water and a myFC Puck containing salt, you will be completely independent from the electrical grid as well as sunlight.

Charge your device via the battery

As the myFC PowerTrekk is a hybrid charger, which means you can use the green top part as an ordinary portable battery; the battery (3800 mAh) can be charged from the fuel cell system or via the electrical grid whenever you have access to it.

Never miss a call, a song... or a moment again!


Easy as one, two, three...

1. Add water, or any liquid containing water.

2. Then add a myFC Puck with salt.

3. Voilà! You've got instant green electricity!

Features and Advantages

  • Includes both a fuel cell and a portable battery
  • Portable battery 3800 mAh
  • 6,5 W Charging output
  • Runs on water and salt
  • Tablet compatible
  • Charges all USB-compatible devices
  • No sun needed – works in complete darkness
  • 1-2 h charging time
  • Certified to bring on an aircraft
  • Generates its own electricity on the go
  • Instant green energy
  • Total freedom from the electrical grid
Technical Information
  • myFC Puck: 1400 mAh (5,18 Wh)
  • Internal battery: Lithium Polymer 3800 mAh (14,06 Wh)
  • USB-compliant output voltage: 5V DC
  • Output power 6,5 W
  • Output port: USB-A
  • Charging input port: Micro USB-B/Charging (5W)
  • The Puck contains: Sodium Silicide, Sodium Borohydride and 12 g Aluminum (= 1 x 33 cl soda can). Therefore we recommend that you throw the used Puck in the recycling bin for Metal, whenever possible.
Weight & Dimensions

myFC PowerTrekk Charger:
Dimensions: W66 x L128 x H47 mm
Weight: 270 g

myFC Puck:
Height: 20 mm Diameter:
51 mm Weight: 30 g



Nothing is better than green power, except for maybe a green nature. Contribute to both, get your myFC PowerTrekk now!


Keep It Alive!