The World´s smallest pocket sized fuel cell charger.

€4,90/Month for 24 months

  • USB-compliant output

    Compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows smartphone, tablets and USB 5V devices.

  • PowerCard Capacity

    The PowerCards comes with various capacity. Charges at the same rate as from the power outlet.

  • Safe for air travel

    Designed to comply with international air safety regulations.

  • Output power

    >5 V, 1 A

  • JAQ

    Weight: 180 g Size: 127 x 21 x 77 mm

  • PowerCard

    Weight: 40 g Size: 68 x 96 x 6,5 mm

It’s easy to charge.
No power outlet needed.

Step 1

The panic is real...

Step 2

Insert the PowerCard containing salt and water into the JAQ charger.

Step 3

Connecting JAQ to your device via a USB cable now provides you with green electricity.