Information about expired myFC Pucks packaged in paper gift boxes (3-pack)


myFC Pucks for PowerTrekk delivered as 3-packs in paper gift boxes, must not
be used or sold. Storage tests have revealed that these pucks have lost their performance
and should therefore be considered expired.

myFC AB informs: Salt pucks, for myFC PowerTrekk, packaged in 3-packs must not be used or sold.
Long-term storage tests have revealed that these pucks have lost theirperformance as well as some functionality.
Long-term storage
without a protective barrier to the surroundings, has shown to affect the active chemistry so that
pucks can react with overly rapid gas generation and release of unpleasant smells and smoke.

These pucks
can be identified by being delivered as a 3-pack in paper gift boxes or without any outer packaging (see Figure 1).

             Pucks in 3-pack gift boxes                                                                               Pucks without outer packaging
             Figure 1                                                                                                             


Only pucks in undamaged/airtight heat sealed one-piece packages (see Figure 2) should be considered usable.
The airtight heat sealed package protects the product against unwanted aging effects.
The packaging must be kept intact until the puck is used.



                                                                                      Figure 2