JAQ wins the German Design Award 2016!

Posted: Oct 26 2015

myFC product JAQ wins the German Design Award 2016JAQ fuel cell charger


We won the German Design Award in the Excellent Product Design segment. Our new Fuel Cell Charger JAQ, has received the winning award in the follow category: Energy.

Together with the award winning New York based design agency Aruliden, we developed the innovative Fuel Cell Charger, JAQ, with the aim of appealing to the fashion conscious consumer. Today, it is official that we won the prestigious design prize, German Design Award 2016 in the segment, Excellent Product Design.

Jury statement:
Nicole Huffer | Ruwen Kaminski | Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Krzywinski

Everyone must have experienced it at least once: Your smartphone or other mobile devices' battery is dead and there's nowhere to charge it. JAQ is an innovative product that makes sure that there's always enough power, even when you're on the go. That's because JAQ can generate electricity - simply and ecologically from water and salt in the slimline PowerCard that just needs to be inserted into the device. A fantastic innovation that even looks good, thanks to its colourful minimalist modern design. Perfect for staying connected while on the go.

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