We are having a very generous moment - seize it!

Posted: Jan 23 2015


When you buy the brand new myFC PowerTrekk 2.0, we are actually giving away a PowerTrekk 1.0 - for free!

Starting today for the next week, you have the chance to treat friends or family with a powerful partner in crime.
The offer is valid throughout January 2015 - Come on and spread the word!

Follow the steps:

1. Visit www.powertrekk.com/products/myfc-powertrekk-2-0
2. Add the PowerTrekk 2.0 to your cart
3. Fill in your details and the campaign code: WEEKEND
Complete all steps in the buying process
5. Congratulation and enjoy the weekend!

P.s You do not have to add a PowerTrekk 1.0 to your cart. By adding the campaign code WEEKEND, a PowerTrekk 1.0 will be sent to you automatically.

myFC PowerTrekk 2.0