"Swedish myFC’s new fuel concept challenges Lithium ion batteries"

Posted: Nov 02 2014

We previously announced our promising test results for the new fuel concept for our portable fuel cell chargers. We can now announce that the new fuel concept has a chemical energy density of 2 – 3 times higher than that of a lithium ion battery. This means that the size of the fuel cartridge and charger can be significantly reduced compared to previous models, seriously challenging the market’s best-selling portable chargers for mobile phones in a near future.

”We understood early on that we had made an exciting discovery. The test results show that we have a solution that is three times better than lithium ion batteries and with this we have a technology that can create a true shift in the technological landscape as well as user practices. We reckon that we can considerably minimize the size, weight and cost of the fuel, and with that, we can seriously compete with portable lithium ion batteries,” declares Björn Westerholm, myFC CEO.

Björn Westerholm, myFC CEO

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