Today we celebrate the myFC Obama-day!

Posted: Sep 04 2014

It's now exactly 365 days ago, President Obama visited Sweden to take a close look at some groundbreaking new technology from Sweden.

President Obamas visit centered around the environment and clean technology. The US has for several years highlighted Sweden as a leading nation in innovative, green technological advances. President Obama visited the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, where he had an opportunity to meet innovative startups. Among them were myFC PowerTrekk, a groundbreaking portable smartphone charger that runs on a small but effective fuel cell that uses water to power it.

"We are very proud over the opportunity to show our myFC PowerTrekk to President Obama and his team when he visited KTH to get a glimpse of the latest Swedish green technology. I'm particularly proud that we have been able to make this cutting edge high tech product so intuitive that everybody can use it virtually without instructions" says myFC Founder and President Björn Westerholm.

myFC started at the KTH-based incubator Stockholm Innovation and Growth (STING), that today is home to 28 startups.
"Its a tremendous honor to show President Obama an example of the innovative products that Swedish entrepreneurs develop. myFC is a proof of how we have created an environment for international growth based on the research at KTH", says Pär Hedberg, Founder and President of STING.

President Obama takes a close look at the myFC PowerTrekk