Portable Fuel Cell Charger


Fuel cell Technology

The Future of Portable Charging.

The search is over - you’ll never have to plug into a power jack again. Ideal for everyday, on-the-go living, JAQ is completely off-the-grid. It’s always ready power, generated from water and salt contained in a slim power card. When the card is inserted into the charger, hydrogen is produced to fuel up the cell and power you on.

It’s instant, smart, clean portable charging.

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Your power independence.

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Be Environmentally Friendly: Charge with Water and Salt.

The first generations of our chargers were creating power from water and a puck of salt. Now, the new PowerCard still has the water and ordinary salt (NaCI), but it’s delivered in a contained slim card. When the card is inserted into the charger – hydrogen is produced which in turn fuels up the fuel cell.

Fuel cell technology is a green way of producing electricity.
It doesn’t use any fossil fuels and doesn’t generate any residuals products.

Portable Power.

myFC's JAQ doesn’t have to recharge to recharge you. Throw several cards in your bag, or buy on-the-go, JAQ gives you always ready power.

  • No jack required No jack required. Single use PowerCard for electrical charge
  • Up to 6hr charging One card gives one smartphone charge. The PowerCards comes with various capacity
  • Travel certified Travel certified. Safe for airplane travel
  • USB-compatible Charges all USB-compatible devices. Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones and tablets

Your Freedom to Live Unplugged.

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